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December 15, 2008

Birth Control and Bleeding

Are you still bleeding or experiencing spotting while on the pill? If this is the first time you started using birth control pills, it is normal for new users to bleed during the first three months while on the pill. If you continue to bleed while on the pill, speak with your doctor to see if you should come off the pill for a week or a month for withdrawal bleeding. Once you get back on the pill, there should not be anymore bleeding or spotting.

Bleeding or spotting while you are currently using birth control pills is known is breakthrough bleeding. If you are still bleeding or spotting, try switching to a different pill. Let your doctor know that you are still bleeding and he/she will recommend you a higher strength birth control pill. Bleeding or spotting usually indicates that your pills are not as effective as they should be (additional methods of birth control when you are bleeding or spotting are recommended). Spotting is also a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease known as Chlamydia. Contact your doctor if you think you are at risk for an STD.

Can I be pregnant if I missed more than one or two pills a month?

If you have no bleeding in between pills, you may be pregnant and should see your doctor for a pregnancy test (or use a home pregnancy test). If you have a light period, you are most likely not pregnant. Just to be sure, you can take a home pregnancy test for reassurance.

What does it mean if I am bleeding after sex and am on the pill?

If you are bleeding after sex, check with your doctor immediately. Vaginal bleeding after sex can indicate the following:

  • Cervical Dysplasia (precancerous changes of the epithelial cells that line the cervix)
  • Chlamydia (bacterial infection transmitted through sexual activity or contact with semen, vaginal fluid, or blood)
  • Gonorrhea (an STD caused by bacteria. Pharmaceutical treatments available)
  • Vaginitis/Cervicitis (inflammation, swelling, and/or infection of the vagina or cervix)
  • Cervical Polyps (smooth, red or purple, finger-like growths grown from mucus layer of the cervix or the cervical canal)
  • Trichomoniasis (STD caused by protozoan)
  • Vaginal Yeast Infection (overgrowth of the normal fungi in the vaginal area)
  • Endometritis (inflammation of the endometrium)
  • Adenomyosis (when an endometrial tissue attaches itself to the uterus, or another organ, and grows outside of the uterus)
  • Uterine Polyps (overgrowth of the endometrium causing protrusions into the uterus)
  • Fibroid Tumors (a benign tumor)

Birth Control Buzz is a service company that provides birth control prices, types of birth control (prescription required), health administrative services, and birth control statistics predominantly to US patients seeking to purchase pharmaceuticals on-line.

For more information, call 1-866-868-8850 or visit http://www.birthcontrolbuzz.com/.

Birth Control Buzz is a service company that provides birth control prices, types of birth control(prescription required), health administrative services, and birth control statistics predominantly to US patients seeking to purchase pharmaceuticals on-line. For more information, call 1-866-868-8850 or visit http://www.birthcontrolbuzz.com/.


  1. Hi Kristina,

    Finish your antibiotics as you normally would. You are most likely bleeding because the antibiotics your doctor prescribed you reduces the effectiveness of the birth control you are on to treat your endometriosis. You will have to wait out the bleeding while you finish the antibiotics and once you are done, the birth control will kick in to work again and your period will stop. In the future, please inform your doctor who prescribed you antibiotics that you are on birth control to treat endometriosis so that he can prescribe you an antibiotic that does not interfere with your birth control.

    Comment by Janine — July 11, 2013 @ 9:14 am

  2. I was prescribed Beyaz for ovarian cysts that continued to grow back after surgery and it helped my irregular period regulate. Last Saturday I lost my virginity, we didn’t use a condom but he didn’t finish because the pain caused me to make him stop. I noticed I had bled. We tried again the next night with a condom and since that night I haven’t stopped spotting. It’s not enough for a pad or a tampon but enough for a liner. I don’t know if this is normal because it was my first time, or if my schedule is off? I’m confused and scared. I don’t have any pain. And he was a virgin too btw.

    Comment by Rilee — July 14, 2013 @ 12:43 am

  3. Another thing to add is, I also take monocycline and started it a few days before the sex. Would this have interfered at all?

    Comment by Rilee — July 14, 2013 @ 12:45 am

  4. Dear Rilee,

    The bleeding is from having sex the first time. This is normal and the bleeding should eventually go away. Beyaz does not reduce the effectivness of monocycline.

    Comment by Janine — July 18, 2013 @ 9:34 am

  5. I’ve been on Microgestin 1/20 for 2 1/2 months now (first time ever on BC) and today, I experienced this watery discharge in the middle of the night, out of nowhere. When I went to the bathroom to wipe, it was very light pink. I haven’t had this happen before and it’s kind of freaking me out since I have been taking my pills PERFECTLY since I began my 2nd pill pack last month. Last month, on the last day of my week off of pills, I had sex with my bf and the condom broke, but I started my pack on time (which happened to be the next day), even changed from taking it at my normal 10 pm to 7 pm. I had a pap done and everything came back normal so I have no idea what’s going on. Side note: I just sneezed and the pressure from me sneezing made more, now reddish, but light discharge come out. I’m starting week 3 (my last week of pills in the pack) tomorrow, which is Monday. Help!

    Comment by Nervous — August 5, 2013 @ 2:56 am

  6. Dear Nervous,

    During the first 3 months of being on the pill, you will notice changes in your body including discharges. It is perfectly normal. It takes your body up to 3 months to get used to the birth control pills. The light discharge may continue until you finish the pack and your actual period comes. Complete the pack as you normally would. The light discharge should go away when you start your next pack.

    Comment by Janine — August 20, 2013 @ 10:08 am

  7. So I have been on Microgestin 1/20 for a year now. I had sex on my second day not on active pills. He pulled out before he came.. I have extremely light bleeding which I would assume was period since it came on the day it was supposed to but I have been having lower abdominal pressure or “cramps” after the extremely light bleeding ended. I am very good at taking my pills on time and everyday. im just scared shitless that I am pregnant. please help

    Comment by Confused — September 8, 2013 @ 6:22 pm

  8. Dear Confused,

    I would advise you to see a doctor about the cramps/abdominal pressure and the light bleeding.

    Comment by Janine — September 16, 2013 @ 9:32 am

  9. Hello..! So I just had my annual 9/4 and I had started the patch. But the problem is that when she asked when I had my last period I couldn’t remember. So we took a urine test and agreed to wait till 9/8 to start the patch (to wait for period) 9/8 came n went wit no period (found out i had started my period 8/11) and I asked if it was still okay to start. Took a preg test and they came out negative. Well when I had my pap I was cramping. I had assumed my period was coming cuz inonly cramp when she is on her way. She said I would spot from the pap and I didn’t. I hadn’t started spotting till yesterday and today my panties are basically brown from discharge when I wiped it was very light but a lot of it. Now I’ve never been pregnant and my periods are usually heavy n on time except here n there they’ve been a day late. I’ve been moody, I have nausea, everything makes me wanna cry. Part of me assumes stress from work, but I’m afraid of pregnancy. I don’t even want to stop using the patch. I haven’t taken any pregnancy tests since 9/9 but this brown stuff and the cramping and the nausea and upper back pain has really got me buggin. Yes I had unprotected sex but we didn’t have a full unprotected session. He would put on the condom after a few pumps. He did not cum inside of me but there’s still some precum and he leaks a clear fluid when he feels really good. Or is this breakthrough bleeding. Im really not interested in purchasing more tests. I don’t have time for a pregnancy.

    Comment by So much goin on — September 20, 2013 @ 7:45 pm

  10. Dear so much goin on,

    Because you just started using the patch, the brown discharge, moodiness, nausea, sensitivity are all side effects that would go away within 3 months of being on the patch. It takes your body up to 3 months to get used to the patch and the side effects you are experience are only temporary. You can confirm that you are not pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test. Once you confirm that you are not pregnant, it should help reduce some stress as well.

    Comment by Janine — September 24, 2013 @ 8:54 am

  11. I had unprotected sex on pill, Minulet, over a month ago. A week later i got my withdrawal bleed 12 hours earlier than i usually get it . It was pretty much normal lasting 4 days, slightly lighter than the last 2. Have had no sex and have gone off bcp since then on doc orders. It has been 3.5 weeks and no sign of normal period. However have pretty constant adominal pain in right side and occasionally pain in the lower centre. Is this coming off bcp symthoms? or should i be concerned about pregnancy? I took a digital test in the afternoon a week ago , it was negative however i had drunk a fair amount of water before.

    Comment by Sarah — October 7, 2013 @ 1:33 pm

  12. Dear Sarah,

    To be safe, take another pregnancy test first thing in the morning tomorrow. If it is still negative, visit your doctor and inform him/her about the abdominal pain.

    Comment by Janine — October 15, 2013 @ 10:14 am

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