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June 2, 2010

Ultrasound is a Male Contraceptive

Researchers in the University of North Carolina are pushing for further research into the new idea that an ultrasound can be used as a reversible contraceptive for men. The idea is that a blast of ultrasound to the testes may be able to stop sperm production for approximately six months. Once the sperm production has been stopped, all the sperm in the sperm reserves must be used up before this contraceptive method is effective.

This would offer another method of birth control for couples. It is thought that these sperm impeding ultrasounds would be affordable to most people. The plan in the long-term for the University team is to use an ultrasound from instruments found in sports medicine or physical therapy clinics. One of the best things about this contraceptive method is that it is thought that the sperm production will continue as normal after the approximate six months of infertility is up.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sponsored this research with a $100,000 grant (one of seventy-eight grants by this foundation). This financial help will support the pursuing of clinical trials to prove this method. One warning issued about this contraceptive is that although it will prevent pregnancy (if it is proven), it will not protect against the transmissions of STI’s.

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