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September 20, 2010

Hashsoft Releases myPill for the iPhone

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Hashsoft has released their myPill 1.0 application for the iPhone. The application not only helps women remember to take their daily pill, it can also be used to track the history of their birth control usage, such as noting which days you have missed your pill, and it can predict your future periods.

While myPill is not the first “reminder” apps, it definitely is one of the most versatile. The app shows you a simulated look at your pack of birth control or if you would prefer, can show you a calendar view. By simply dragging your finger, you can look to the next month to help you predict when your next period may be. You can use this feature to predict your period up to 6 months into the future.

Once the app has been configured, you will receive an alert every day at a chosen hour until you are finished your current pack. There is then a seven day break until a new pack begins automatically. You are able to customize the message you are to receive to remind you to take your pill or how many days are left until your period.

The myPill application is available for download and I’m sure it will help women remember and manage their birth control pills every month. The myPill is definitely an app worth looking into at the very least.

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