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September 9, 2010

The Pill to Increase Brain Capability

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For so many years the pill has been used by millions of women to prevent pregnancy. It is known that the pill reduces the risk of certain diseases. However, in a recent study it was found that using birth control pills could actually have a beneficial effect on the brain as well. It was discovered that those that used it resulted in a three percent increase of brain size.

Dr. Jennifer Wu, an obstetrician at Lenox Hill Hospital (New York) states that MRIs of women using the pill display certain regions of the brain to be larger than in women who do not use the pill. The areas in the brain were found to be larger had to do with speech, memory, and communication.

Having a larger brain does not necessarily mean it is better. It is suggested though that the areas of the brain that grow in a women due to the pill will result in greater brain power. For example, a woman may find that her memory is improving.

There are many theories that explain how the pill could improve the capability of the brain, however, it is not known for sure and has not been proven. As a result of this study much more research is being done in regards to how hormones can affect the brain and how the pill could possibly increase brain size.

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