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June 28, 2012

American Pregnancy Rates Dropping – Teens Not Expecting

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Pregnant woman's bellyTeens across America no longer need to know “what to expect when you’re expecting.” Because they’re just not expecting.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report on June 20 that outlined a study spanning 1990 to 2008. Data was collected on factors like pregnancy rate, birth rate, and abortion rate and organized according to age, race, and other factors.

And everything is trending downward. Pregnancies. Births. Abortions.

At least it is until women get to about 30 years old. Then, pregnancies and births pick up a little.

The sharpest drop was in American pregnancies among teens 15 to 17: pregnancy rates have dropped approximately 50%.

And since abortion rates are also on the decline, this means either young people in America aged 15 to 29 are having less sex, or they’re using birth control and contraception to better effect.


Is Race a Factor for Pregnancy in America?

Ethnicity is still correlated with higher American pregnancy rates among African-American and Hispanic populations when compared to Caucasians, but the downward trend still continues.

Consider the numbers. In 1990, there were about 18 pregnancies for every 100 African-American teens aged 15 to 17.

But by 2008? That number dropped to 8 for every 100.

Among Caucasians, 1990 saw about 5 in 100 pregnancies in the same age group, which dropped to approximately 2 in 100 by 2008.

This, coupled with the decrease in abortion rates, is very good news when it comes to our youth acting responsibly.


What Does This Mean for America?

The biggest impact we’re likely going to see is in the labor market about 20 years from now. We have more responsible young people today, which is always a good thing.

But, the birth-rate trending may leave America with a shortage of people.

The downward trend among younger people having babies is not being filled by the upward trend of women over 30 having babies. And less babies now means less people and less employees in the future.

Now that we have our young people being more responsible, we should probably start teaching our children more multicultural values.

After all, America will need workers.

If we’re not making them here, then they’ll have to come from some other place in the world.


The Bottom Line

The next generation has statistically shown themselves to be responsible, forward-thinkers when it comes to planned parenthood. The numbers are there.

And the medical technology exists to make later-life births much more feasible.

This is good news for America’s future.

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