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July 13, 2012

How to: NuvaRing Insertion Guide

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Confused woman in blueSure, Nuvaring is a soft plastic ‘ring,’ but the ring shape has little to no bearing on how this contraceptive works. Nuvaring is hormonal, working like the birth control pill. The only difference is that you don’t have to remember to take the pill on-time, every day.
Your body absorbs hormones from the ring, once it’s inside. These hormones are what causes the contraception, and not the ring shape.

How to Insert NuvaRing

  • Pinch the ring to flatten it out. Instead of an ‘O,’ make it more ‘I’ shaped.
  • Push the ring inside your vagina. Keep pushing until it’s all the way inside, but don’t stop there. Follow it in with your finger to make sure it’s at or near your cervix. (If you’re having trouble, be patient. It might take a try or two the first time.)
  • Make sure the ring is far enough in so that it’s not likely to come out. The shape of the ring and your own vaginal muscles will keep the ring inside.
  • You’re done!

NuvaRing Removal

  • Find the ring inside your vagina with your finger.
  • Hook your fingertip around the ring.
  • Gently pull out. The ring is soft enough that it should bend and flex as it comes out.
  • That’s it!

NuvaRing Facts You Should Know

Keep NuvaRing in for 3 weeks at a time. Then, take a 1-week break for your period. This is just like the birth control pill, when you would either stop taking the pill for a week or take a placebo to keep in the habit of taking a pill every day.
You can take NuvaRing out for 3 hours at a time, if you want to. However, most NuvaRing users agree that it does not affect their lives having it in.
Most couples do not notice NuvaRing during intercourse, or they don’t mind it even if they can feel it a little. However, you have the option to take it out. Just remember to put it back in. And don’t leave it out for more than 3 hours. (That means no falling asleep until it’s back in.)

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