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August 15, 2015

5 Popular Ways to Get Rid of Cellulite

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Cellulite is a normal occurrence in the body, and does not pose any threat to one’s health. However, its appearance can cause a negative impact one one’s body image and self-esteem.

Lifestyle Modifications To Try

Your chances of developing cellulite will depend on a variety of risk factors such as  age, gender, heredity and hormone levels in the body. Many of these risk factors cannot be controlled, but you can make some lifestyle modifications that may be helpful. Following a healthy diet, drinking plenty of fluids, getting proper rest and exercise may lower your chances of developing them.

Current Treatments for Cellulite

Before talking about treatments, it’s important to establish that there is no quick and easy cure for cellulite, and not one single treatment that can erase it right away.

Still, there are many recommended methods of treatment that people continue to try. Some of them seem promising, improving the appearance of the bumps and dimples on the skin, while some of them do not.  Here are a few of the most common methods that people use to treat cellulite today:

Cellulite Cream – If you check out the market today, you will definitely find a wide range of cellulite creams available. These creams are designed to contain ingredients, which will dissolve fat and smoothen out the skin.

Liposuction – A rather invasive procedure, liposuction involves the surgical removal of fat deposits in the body. What happens in liposuction, however, is that the treatment simply removes deep fat and does not remove cellulite, which is located at the upper levels of the skin.

Mesotherapy – this treatment was originally developed to relieve the skin of inflammatory conditions, and is done by injecting nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the tissue right under the skin. This treatment may break down fat and slightly improve the appearance of cellulite.

Massage treatments – some massage and spa treatments have temporary effects on the skin, as they reduce the its dimply appearance. However, they do not really remove cellulite.

Laser treatment – this is the most recent development in treating cellulite, and works by melting fat underneath the skin. Laser also breaks up fibrous bands underneath and stimulates collagen production for a smoother appearance.

Looking forward

Reviews on recommended and current cellulite therapies are mixed, but experts continue to look for ways to treat it and eliminate it entirely. While there is no way to remove cellulite 100%, experts agree that the best option for now (aside from the treatments above) is to exercise, especially one which incorporates aerobic exercises and strength training into the mix.

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