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August 15, 2007

Endometriosis and Birth Control: The Facts

To be able to explain more about the nature and prevention of endometriosis, it would be helpful to know more about the relationship of endometriosis and birth control pills. To be able to find solutions and relief for the painful symptoms of the disease, knowledge and understanding is necessary.

It is estimated that there are about 5 million women who are affected by endometriosis in the United States alone. The figure sits at around 70 million worldwide.

Endometriosis is the name of a medical condition where endometrial tissues, similar to those found in the uterus, are located in different areas in the body. In the same way as the endometrium in the uterus undergoes the process of growing, shedding and bleeding each month inline with the menstrual cycle, these tissues do so too.

It is still unknown why these tissues sometimes grow in other parts of the body like the intestines, the back, the neck, the head and the abdomen.

But when menstruation occurs these tissues breakdown and bleed too, resulting in pain caused by the inflammation and scarring associated with this process.

Endometriosis is a progressive chronic condition, which means that it worsens over time. As the scarring increases, adhesions can form. These are ropes of scar tissue that fan out from endometrial deposits and can attach themselves to other organs. Cysts are also common.

So, how can birth control pills help?

It is the level of the female hormones that make birth control pills effective in preventing pregnancy, which help with endometriosis symptoms. Because birth control pills lower estrogen levels and increase progesterone in the body, they are also deemed effective in alleviating the symptoms of endometriosis.

Of course, birth control pills are usually given as a prescription. However, for the purpose of controlling or eliminating the painful symptoms of endometriosis, you should always seek a prescription from your doctor for the pills.

That is because although you would be taking the same pills used in birth control, the dosage and use would have to be modified. To make it clear, for birth control purposes, there are placebo pills that the woman takes during several days of the month. In contrast, women who are trying to decrease the symptoms of endometriosis should not take placebo pills. Active pills are intended to be taken all year round by women who want to make endometriosis pains stop.

There are many treatments for endometriosis nowadays. There are the numerous modern medicines and alternatives to traditional medications available. While there are many women who try to use the two groups of medications, many consider using birth control pills to control endometriosis a good option.

Endometriosis and birth control are interrelated. But before using contraceptives as an endometriosis treatment, make sure you are properly advised by your own gynecologist or doctor.

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Birth Control Buzz is a service company that provides birth control prices, types of birth control(prescription required), health administrative services, and birth control statistics predominantly to US patients seeking to purchase pharmaceuticals on-line. For more information, call 1-866-868-8850 or visit http://www.birthcontrolbuzz.com/.