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October 7, 2010

The Need for a Low Dose Birth Control Patch

Birth Control Patch, Housekeeping, Ortho EvraWhile the Pill currently stands as the most commonly used form of contraception used by women today, there are certain setbacks associated with birth control pills that cause women to think twice before signing up to start their day with a pill each morning. The number one reason: forgetfulness. Sure, there are plenty of iPhone apps on the market today that promise to prevent any lapses in memory, but for some women, especially mothers with children, turning on the iPhone isn’t an integral part of the daily routine.

Enter the Birth Control Patch. It’s an adhesive patch that simply sticks to skin like a band-aid, and administers the same hormones found in birth control pills straight into the blood stream. For women with busy lives who want to delay childbearing, the birth control patch is an excellent alternative form of contraception. The pregnancy rate of the birth control patch is identical to the pregnancy rate of the Pill, as the FDA estimates that for every one hundred women who use the patch or birth control pills regularly, five will become pregnant.

Unfortunately, though the hormonal birth control patch has proven itself as a viable form of contraception, medical professionals are becoming increasingly concerned over the long term side effects of hormonal birth control methods. Because the hormonal birth control patch transfers estrogen hormones directly into the blood stream, this concern highlights the need for a low dose birth control patch. Though there are several different forms of birth control patches on the market today, an American pharmaceutical company is currently conducting clinical trials for a new lose dose birth control patch. This new birth control patch has lower hormone levels of estrogen and progestin and is designed like other birth control products to effectively prevent pregnancy.

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