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July 15, 2015

How Understanding The Root Cause Of Female Sexual Dysfunction Lead To A Happier Sex Life

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Sexual dysfunction is a topic that people don’t usually talk about, but is a common occurrence.  This is true not just among men but also women as well. Many women experience problems with their sexual function at certain stages of their life. It may happen once in a while, or it may be ongoing and can last a long time.

Female sexual dysfunction can be characterized into different types, such as the following:

Low sexual desire – characterized by a lack of sex drive or diminished libido
Low Sexual arousal –  intact desire for sex, but a difficulty in becoming aroused or maintaining arousal during sexual activity.
Sexual pain disorder –  the experience of pain during vaginal contact or sexual stimulation
Orgasmic disorder –  persistent difficulty in achieving orgasm even after sufficient sexual arousal and stimulation.

A person’s sexual response is not just physical, but is the interplay between physiology, experiences, emotions, beliefs, relationships and lifestyles. Any problem with either of these components may induce one of the four problems mentioned above.

Causes of female sexual dysfunction

The causes of female sexual dysfunction may be categorized into two types: physical and psychological causes. Physical causes include illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and hormonal imbalance. Aside from physical conditions, certain medications may also affect a person’s sexual drive. Psychological causes, on the other hand, can range from anxiety and stress to insecurity and concern about appearance and sexual performance. Problems in one’s marriage or relationship, strong feelings of guilt, depression and apprehension due to past sexual trauma are just a few psychological causes.

Diagnosing female sexual dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction can be diagnosed through a number of ways, but most of the time, a doctor will begin with a physical exam. Tests may be administered to rule out the possibility of having a medical problem that actually contributes to the dysfunction.

An evaluation of a person’s attitude and outlook regarding sex will also help the doctor understand the root of the problem, and help him recommend solutions for it.

Treating female sexual dysfunction

The best approach to female dysfunction is a holistic approach, where work is not just done by the patient and doctor, but also by professionals like care providers and trained. Depending on the root cause, most types of sexual dysfunction can be corrected by paying attention to the underlying physiological and psychological problems and may be resolved by a trip to the doctor or the therapist.

Other than that, doctors may also recommend the following methods:

-Education, which involves educating about the human anatomy. This is especially helpful for women who are rather anxious about their sexual function.
-Enhancing stimulation through the use of erotic materials, and the encouragement for masturbation.
-Encouraging physically stimulating yet non-sexual activities increase communication between partners and make them more comfortable with each other.
-Minimizing pain through the use of sexual positions that are favorable to the woman, or the use of lubricants to reduce friction-induced pain.

Many women experience sexual problems from time to time, but most of them go away on their own. However, when the problems become persistent and start straining a relationship – a trip to the doctor may need to be scheduled to get the necessary intervention and treatment.

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