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The MULTILOAD Cu is an intra uterine device (IUD) used as a form of birth control. It consists of a plastic rod with nylon threads attached to its end and two flexible side arms. The small plastic rod portion of the MULTILOAD Cu is also wrapped in copper wire. The MULTILOAD Cu comes in two sizes: the 250 and the 375. The MULTILOAD Cu 250 works for 3 years and the MULTILOAD 375 for 5 years. The copper wire wrapped around the MULTILOAD Cu 375 is thicker than the wire wrapped around the MULTILOAD 250, and is suited for women with larger wombs.

It is not yet completely understood how IUDs are effective at preventing pregnancy, but it is known that its presence in the womb causes the body to release substances that are hostile to sperm and to eggs. In the case of the MULTILOAD Cu 250 and 375, the copper is also thought to be a spermicide, or material that kills sperm.

Some possible IUD side effects that may develop include: cramping, heavier and more painful periods, and infection. The heavier periods usually last for the first couple of months. It is rare for infection to occur.

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