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LINESSA is a low dose birth control pill containing a combination of estrogen and progestin. It is available in a 21 or 28 day pack.

The 21-pill pack is taken daily for 3 weeks, with 1 week left pill-free when you get your period. The 28-pill pack is taken daily for 3 weeks with the last 7 "reminder pills" taken for 1 week. The reminder pills contain no active ingredients and are there to keep you in the routine of taking LINESSA every day.

LINESSA works in several ways. Firstly, the estrogen in the pills tricks your body into thinking it is pregnant so that you do not ovulate. The progestin in LINESSA prevents ovulation entirely. LINESSA also thickens your cervical mucus to stop any movement of sperm. The cervical mucus acts as a backup to prevent pregnancy even if an egg is released. If taken correctly on a daily basis, LINESSA is as much as 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

One feature that sets LINESSA apart from other traditional oral contraceptives is the fact that it is a low dosage pill. This means that some of the common side effects associated with traditional oral contraceptives are reduced, but the pill is just as effective, when taken correctly, as those with higher dosages. These side effects can include breakthrough bleeding, (the unexpected appearance of bleeding between periods) and weight gain. is a trusted online pharmacy a great place to buy birth control such as LINESSA online. Our pharmacy is certified by CIPA (the Canadian International Pharmacy Association). So you know when you buy Linessa birth control from BirthControlBuzz that you are getting it from a real pharmacy that is adhering to strict standards and safety protocols. That is why we ask for a prescription for each purchase of discount birth control from us. Online pharmacies that supply cheap birth control like LINESSA without a prescription are not usually connected with a licensed pharmacy and should be avoided.

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